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Our agency helps you find the best property and is committed to supporting you throughout the purchase process.

So that this may be easily achieved and in order to ensure that you are comfortable during the various stages of your acquisition, we will put you in contact with our english speaking law firm specialising in legal, real estate and financial advice.

Within the context of a real estate purchase on the Costa del Sol, and given the limited role of the notary in Spain, certain precautions must be taken and legal and tax assistance is recommended even if this is not obligatory.

Our law firm with which we work is responsive and able to offer you all  necessary legal, administrative and tax security advice for your purchase.

Their principal responsibility is to confirm that the property you desire to purchase is duly registered with the property register and that it is not subject to any debt.

They will also manage the preparation, review and drafting of the purchase agreement and keep you informed throughout the sales process, taking care to coordinate, in agreement with all parties, the date of the final signing and completion at the notary.


Spanish banks offer the possibility of taking out a mortgage loan for a property purchase in Spain.

However, the loan conditions are quite strict. The main criteria taken into account are the type of property and the financial situation of the buyer at the time of the request.

The amount granted varies between 60% and 80% of the total purchase price or the property valuation made by the expert appointed by the bank. Normally, four weeks are required for the bank to grant the loan once all the necessary documents have been received.

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